Trying to View Your Patient’s Imaging Means Either Booting Up a CD…

...Or Managing Multiple Logins from Each Imaging Center’s Private Physician Portal

So We Built Something Better — PocketHealth

An Image Sharing Solution Built From The Ground Up For Healthcare Professionals

Compatible With Every Imaging Center Your Patients Visit

Every imaging center you refer to uses a different IT platform. With PocketHealth, that’s no longer your problem. 1 system — compatible everywhere. It’s that simple.

1-Click Secure Access: No Login Required

Receive a secure notification in your inbox when a patient has shared imaging with you, and click on the link. No creating an account, no sign up, and no login — ever.

Any Device, Any time — No Software or App Needed

Imaging instantly previews in your browser, whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Download raw DICOM files in seconds and maintain the access link in your EMR for future access.

How It Works

Patients Share Their Imaging Record with an Email Address

All patients need is their clinic’s or healthcare professional’s front-desk email address and they can instantly share a secure link to their imaging record. Email addresses are reconfirmed by the patient before access is granted, and patients can revoke access at any time.

Click on the Secure Link in Your Inbox

Your inbox receives an email in seconds with a secure link and an associated security code. Simply click on the link and enter in your security code. This access email can be easily stored by your staff in the the same EMR where the rest of your patient records lie. This lets you maintain access for future appointments, but removes the IT headache and limits liability by never storing your patient’s actual imaging files.

Access Imaging Instantly in Your Web Browser

View imaging instantly across all imaging modalities and easily toggle between different series, studies and exam dates. For diagnostic purposes, you can quickly download the entire imaging package in its original DICOM format, and load into a viewer of your choice.

What PocketHealth Means for Your Practice

Patients Can Share Imaging Days Before Their Appointment

Spend less time loading CDs and more time delivering care. Have imaging queued up before the consult even starts and effortlessly maintain access for future appointments.

Access More Information, with Better Security and Limited Liability

Unlike with CDs, you can maintain an audit-friendly log of all imaging transfers in your local EMR system. Both you and your patient can easily remove your access at any time and strong end-to-end encryption means that you access imaging with complete security.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

We work closely with physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other users of medical imaging to bring PocketHealth to the Imaging Centers in their communities. We rely on professionals like yourself to help make PocketHealth into a platform that works for everyone. So if you have feedback, want to learn more, or want to refer us to an imaging center in your network, send us a note. We’d love to hear what you think.

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